Like a growing community quilt, each week we will be stitching in new stories to the Heart of Brant, make sure you check back to see how it grows!

Take a moment to explore the site and savor what makes the County of Brant a layered community of personal stories, art, history and culture. Held within this site are images and stories that offer visitors the starting blocks and inspiration to continue to explore.  

Visit Heart of Brant to learn about:

  • How our local artisans and makers are inspired by the beauty of our landscapes
  • Where to take a moment to connect with the melodies that radiate from a hard-working community that loves to celebrate through song
  • Fascinating people who have called the County of Brant home, including the Honourable George Brown, founder of the Toronto Globe newspaper (later the Globe and Mail), and Ann Augusta Stowe-Gullen, Canada’s first woman graduate in medicine
  • How Paris, Ontario has a connection with the Egyptian Pyramids
  • The last battle fought on Canadian soil against a foreign invading power, during the War of 1812
  • The growing film industry and new annual International Short Film Festival
  • Upcoming cultural events across the County

Did you know? Our right to enjoy the arts, and to participate in the cultural life of the community has been included in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 1948.

Do you have an idea for a story you want to share? Connect with culture@brant.ca to contribute.